Thursday, December 18, 2008

Thursday, October 30, 2008


As another night shift draws to a close, sometimes I get to thinking that maybe working day shift would be better. Although I love the people that I work with on night shift, sometimes I think that it would just be nice to be normal once again. You know sleeping when other people sleep and thus being awake when other people are awake.

Since this is the last of my three shifts, I now have to decide how to go about my day tomorrow. Do I stay up and try to get as much done as possible before passing out. Do I take a short nap and try to get up around 12 or so. Or the last option, do I go to sleep and wake up when I wake up? All options have their positives and negatives, but I can never decide which would be the best option. Does anyone have any suggestions from their prior experience? I just hate feeling like I have wasted one of my days off by sleeping the day away. On the other hand, I hate the feeling of trying desperately to stay awake when all I want to do is sleep.

I think the drive home is what really kills me! I literally HAVE to be talking to someone for at least 90% of my drive home in order to stay awake and alert. Opening the window, turning on the air conditioner, blasting the radio...all those things that are supossed to help you stay awake do nothing for me. One of my greatest fears is that one day I would be so tired that I would fall asleep at the wheel and be involved in an accident. Thus, I call people and get them to talk to me (Thanks, Jon, Kristan, and Dad for always being there to listen to my ramblings!!!)I have been so tired before after getting off of a night shift that I have actually crawled into my back seat and slept for 2-3 hours while in the hospital parking garage(only 1 or 2 times). I just wonder what passer bys think when they see a nurse all curled up and sleeping in the back of a car?.... So, if you ever feel like you want to talk to someone between about 7:30 and 9am Denver time, I am your girl. Feel free to call me and chat about whatever!!!!

(Some of you are now probably wondering why I have the time to post on my blog while at work...well the answer to that is that I am preceptoring a new nurse. Amy is doing AWESOME and thus is taking complete care of our 6 patients. She is a rockstar and although I help her out with small things, she is very capapble on her own, and thus leaves little for me to do besides help other nurses, stock, and other fun things like that. The bad part of this is that the nights seem to D...R...A...G on, thus making me more tired...thus making me feel more like sleeping the day away once I get home...thus making my decision on how to spend tomorrow all the more difficult. BUT, GREAT JOB AMY!!! You are going to be a great nuse and I am so glad that you have joined the team!!!!!(tonight was Amy's last day on orientation. So watch out...she is on her own from now on!!))

Monday, October 20, 2008


So Jon and I have decided to join the blogging world to keep everyone updated on what we are up to. As of today, Jon and I have been married for exactly one year and one month. How time flies when you are having fun! Our first year was definitely a fun and exciting journey! Before getting married, Jon and I had officially dated for six and a half years. Three of those years we had been engaged. It was definitely a long courtship, but it was the best option for us at the time. Much of our relationship was spent with a distance between the two of us. First with me up in Fort Collins at Colorado State, while Jon was in Littleton. Then with me living in Omaha, Nebraska while Jon was in Littleton, Colorado. It definitely was not an ideal situation, but after much discussion, we decided that it would work out for the best. Especially since I was planning on returning to Denver once I graduated. With that said, after having a long distance relationship, it took some adjusting to not only being together in the same town, but living together and being married! During our first married year together, we traveled (3 big trips within the first 4 months we were married), moved twice, and learned what being married is all about. Looking back now, I wouldn't say our first year was necessarily difficult, we just did a lot of growing together which is good. That said, I love being married to Jon and wouldn't change any part of our courtship or first married year together (except for the working opposite hours thing!). I love you baby, and here is to many many more wonderful years together!!!